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Get fit, build endurance, learn phenomenal kickboxing technique. Two Chicago locations.
Chicago Kickboxing Classes at chicagokickboxingacademy.com
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Chicago Kickboxing Classes at Degerberg

4717 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 728-5300
3596 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60641
(773) 545-3423

Only one martial arts club in Chicago offers kickboxing training that will teach you the fundamentals fast - Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts

Imagine yourself, bobbing, weaving, moving in, jab, cross, move out to kick, kick to his side, kick to his head, come in for another combination, with ease, with skill, with confidence.

That could be you.

From Beginner to Kickboxer

We have kickboxers at every level training at the Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts. If you are a beginner, our program will help you improve your technique, speed, and endurance in a safe environment. We will coach and we will challenge you.

You can take what you learn here and take it to the level you want. Gain the confidence you want or if you want to compete, you can take it to the competiton level. Many of our fighters do.

Kickboxing classes in Chicago

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You'll find info about our classes, our hours, our photo gallery plus how you can get fit, have fun and learn from multi-discipline Black Belt Martial Artists.

If you've got the heart, we'll teach you the skill.

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